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Our team at Pathways Behavioral Health is your trusted partner on the path to mental health and well-being. We’re committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care for individuals who are seeking support for behavioral health needs.


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Pathways Behavioral Health offers a diverse range of programs tailored to meet your unique behavioral health requirements. Whether you’re seeking intensive treatment or ongoing support, we have the right program for you:

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) provides structured treatment while allowing you to maintain your daily routines. It’s an ideal option for those who need a higher level of care but still want to live at home.

An IOP for mental health offers intensive therapy between inpatient and outpatient levels. It includes group and individual therapy, medication management, and holistic care. Participants learn coping skills and symptom management.

IOPs are flexible to fit daily life, typically lasting weeks to months, with a focus on helping individuals manage symptoms and prevent higher levels of care.

Our outpatient program offers flexible scheduling and therapy options for individuals who require ongoing support while continuing with their daily lives. Traditional outpatient mental health treatment provides ongoing therapy and support, allowing individuals to continue with daily life.

The program includes individual therapy, psychoeducation, and medication management. Sessions are flexible and tailored to individual needs, promoting mental health management, coping skills, and independence.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for mental health combines medications with therapy to effectively manage conditions like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

MAT is personalized, prescribed, and monitored by healthcare professionals. It stabilizes mood, reduces symptoms, and enhances overall functioning, serving as a valuable tool in the journey to mental well-being.

Our skilled therapists offer a range of evidence-based therapies to address various behavioral health challenges, from depression and anxiety to trauma and more.

Therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and group therapy help individuals learn to manage mental health disorder symptoms and develop healthy coping strategies.

We understand the importance of accessibility in today’s world. Our telehealth services allow you to receive care from the comfort of your own home, ensuring your well-being is a top priority.

Our board-certified psychiatrists provide comprehensive evaluations and personalized treatment plans to help manage mental health conditions effectively. Psychiatry programs encompass a range of services, including psychiatric evaluations, medication management, psychotherapy, and crisis intervention.

Our psychiatric care is an essential component of our full continuum of care as it provides expert guidance and medical support to individuals experiencing moderate to severe mental health challenges.

Our dedicated recovery coaches are here to provide guidance, support, and motivation as you work towards a life of sobriety and stability. Recovery coaching programs offer personalized support and guidance for individuals working towards addiction recovery or mental health stability.

Our recovery coaches provide emotional encouragement, assistance with goal setting, and practical life skills training. They help clients identify triggers, develop relapse prevention strategies, and connect with vital resources such as therapy or support groups.

These programs foster a supportive environment for individuals to regain control of their lives and sustain long-term well-being.

Mental Health Treatment

At Pathways Behavioral Health

At Pathways Behavioral Health, we believe in a holistic approach to mental health treatment. Our team is committed to addressing not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes of behavioral health challenges.

We recognize that every individual’s journey is unique, and we are here to walk that path with you, offering understanding, empathy, and evidence-based care.

Our mental health treatment programs provide adults in New Jersey with therapy for anxiety, depression, trauma, and more. By immersing in our comprehensive programs, we can provide treatment and support for more severe mental health challenges.

Our treatment plans at Pathways Behavioral Health are individualized and include numerous options so that anyone seeking treatment can find what they need with our team.


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If you or a loved one requires behavioral health services, don’t hesitate to reach out to our highly skilled team at Pathways Behavioral Health in New Jersey. We are dedicated to providing you with the support, guidance, and expertise you need to navigate the challenges you face.

Your journey towards mental wellness begins with a simple call. Let’s take the first step together towards a healthier, happier tomorrow. Contact us to start on your road to recovery today!

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